IEA’s primary goal is two-fold:

1. Create a cultural alliance of nonprofit organizations to deliver youth enrichment programming and fundraising support
2. Increase social awareness and academic performance via our youth enrichment programs

Build a cultural alliance of nonprofit organizations 

IIEA facilitates an alliance model that focuses on developing, promoting and implementing innovative youth enrichment programming. IEA not only enhances the reach and effectiveness of our partners’ initiatives, but provides a network through which programming, fundraising support, advising, and a myriad of other benefits can be accessed.
As member of the Innovation Echo Alliance, organizations will be able to deliver the programs via our replicated model. This model has been developed to help organizations plan, train and fundraise to assist with the delivery of our various initiatives.
IEA Alliance initiatives include the following services for alliance partners:

  • Marketing and Branding
  •  Advising
  •  Governance and Oversight
  •  Reporting
  •  Project Planning
  •  Program Delivery
  •  501 (c) (3) Status

Increase Social awareness and academic performance via our youth enrichment programs

IEA foster's innovative approaches towards youth enrichment programs via the arts and entertainment community. These programs specialize in the implementation of high quality music enrichment programs and curricula into schools. Our staff of instructors all work professionally as established recording artists, music producers and musicians. From the stage to the classroom these rock star teachers are passionate about their community and focused on positive change in our youth.
For the 10 years of Kariz Kids programming, Marcel Martin and Kariz Kids instructors became adept at identifying ways to enhance students’ academic performance and social awareness. Through music, students not only found a creative release, but a medium to let their voice be heard and an avenue to facilitate learning and the broadening of opportunities.

After years of working with students, teachers, parents and community social activists, more methods for enhancing academic performance and social awareness were developed. Subsequently, Marcel worked with education and entertainment professionals to further refine the methodology, curricula, and facilitation of the unique programs that had been created over the years.

Today, IEA offers the following programs:


"IEA is enhancing alliance membership levels and benefits to be released December 1st.  Follow us on social media or contact us via our contact form to be kept informed"