IEA will be working with schools and local Department of Education offices to ensure dissemination of computers are prioritized by income and/or hardships. To receive services from IEA’s TECHGAP program, a requestor must do the following,

  • Student must be verified registered to list school on request form
  • One computer per household (Request may be made for multiple verifiable children per household, but IEA will prioritize requestors receive one computer initially. IEA will inform families if they are eligible to receive additional computers based on need of school district.
  • IEA will be delivering computers to nonprofits. groups or schools, where students and/or parents will be able to pick up computer device(s).
  • Possession of computer will be governed by school policy and/or rules
  • IEA will maintain accountability of all devices and recipients of devices compliant with school’s policies and/or rules.
  • IEA also assit nonprofits, organizations or groups serving other disadvantaged communities, email info@ieaculture.org for more information

Refurbished computers will not be under warranty.  But all new parts used by IEA will be maintain manufacturer warranties and warranty will registered by IEA and schools will have record of warrantied devices.  IEA will not be responsible for installation of warrantied devices but will provide directions for warrantied replacement on website.

New computers will be covered by manufacturer warranty (extended warranties may be added at discretion of schools or supplying organization).