Our afterschool programs have proven to empower youth and help guide them toward their future goals and dreams. To continue supporting our youth, we are gladly accepting donations in the form of:

  • Musical Instruments
  • Audio Equipment
  • Event Space
  • Event Products


Volunteer: The IEA team is a talented group of professionals from diverse industries who share a passion for music and a desire to engage, inspire and connect with people. IEA always welcomes volunteers to assist us in events, day-to-day operations and special projects. We are always looking for lecturers, music teachers and artists as well as event volunteers to join our team.

Donate: Thank you for supporting IEA! Your contributions will allow us to continue to nourish the next generation of musicians. You can make your tax-deductible gift in a variety of ways:

  • Online donation with credit card

  • Automatic donation with credit card (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

  • Donation with a check

  • Donation by phone

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