Culture Alliance Model



Innovation Echo Alliance’s “Cultural Alliance” model represents a collective of non-profit institutions devoted towards the values and missions IEA holds dear. 

Many nonprofit organizations partner with third-party businesses for specialized services including public outreach, fundraising, technology & data management, legal & regulatory compliance, strategic planning, and resource development. Our membership includes these partners, which helps increase the scope of nonprofit impact.

Specialized services including public outreach, marketing, fundraising, shared technology & data management resources, strategic planning, and resource development.  

We understand the vital role of nonprofits in our world today.  The “Cultural Alliance” model was design by co-founders Marcel “Kariz” Martin and Eric Hutson. Hoping to increase opportunities for artists, students and various groups of people within disadvantaged areas, IEA realized that the best practices and methodologies applied to Fortunate 500 corporations needed to be provided to nonprofit organizations as well.  Next steps were enlisting world-class talent to architect a platform for the “Cultural Alliance” suite of services that can be consumed by nonprofit organizations for enhanced program delivery.  Jeptcore Solutions was then incorporated for architecture and strategic planning.  Jeptcore Solutions is a consortium of individual companies who partnered to design the infrastructure of services rendered to entities for benevolent causes (primarily nonprofit organizations).  The team consisted of the following:




  • Marcel Martin: Founder and Producer
  • Eric Hutson: Enterprise Architect
  • Byron Love: Program Delivery Architect
  • Dr. Julien Owens: Research and Evaluations Requirements (Scientist, Public Health Researcher)
  • Dr. Anthony Perdue: Research and Evaluations Requirements (Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Trainer, Speaker)
  • Dr. Rick Stevenson
  • Stephen Hughes: Training Solutions
  • Antoinette Peele: Project Management
  • Stevie Rhythm: Record Executive
  • Jason C. Bost: Entertainment Attorney & Business Consultation Specialist
  • Tom Lynch: AWS Cloud Architect
  • Yoni: Software Developer
  • Tobore Sefia: Television Producer and strategist
  • Terrence Anderson: Audit and Compliance