The TECHGAP Program

Through strong partnerships and the leveraging of our expertise in technology and education, IEA’s current mission is to lessen the gap of the digital divide by disseminating devices to students in need through the TECHGAP program. IEA understands that the divide between demographics that lack access to modern information and communications technology is a major cause of uneven educational and professional outcomes, and is committed to addressing this divide in creative and impactful ways.

The dissemination of free computers and technology (#ieafreetech!) can go an incredibly long way for disadvantaged families where students are unable to leverage these tools for their educational journey. By supporting the TECHGAP program through our Fill The Gap campaign, you can help put a computer in the hands of a student who would otherwise go without.

  • Providing computers to over 20,000 students in low-income communities
  • Assisting local school districts with cost of providing computer devices to students
  • Converting nonprofit programs to an online delivery model
  • Creating a centralized database of successful community strategies and outcomes for nonprofits to consume and implement in their own communities
  • Empowering entrepreneurialism for artists in low-income areas by way of IEA's Alliance Model
  • Research and evaluation of innovative ways of delivering STEM programs