Make a difference as a volunteer!

Innovation Echo Alliance depends on our communities good Samaritans for change.  We need volunteers for a myriad  initiates to service the youth in our communities. As a volunteer,  you will engage in a rewarding experience to facilitate change by way of working with IEA and our partners, collaborators, clients and staff.  Volunteers are also counted upon to assist in IEA maintaining sustainability by way of financial support.  For all non-profit entities,  the more that is raised, the more impactful we can be in our delivery of services.

College students, corporate professionals, government employees and entrepreneurs our all welcome to support in both back office support, as well as, program delivery for IEA and it’s alliance members.  Volunteers are an intrical part of IEA’s success and for college students especially, it affords a great opportunity to fulfill any community requirements, as well as, have the opportunity to develop fruitful relationships via engagement with corporate america to showcase awareness, social engagement, commitment and work ethics, while receiving resume enhancing skills and referrals.

Please register below and we look forward to you being apart of a cultural association for creative enrichment!

What is a skilled volunteer at Save the Children?

A skilled volunteer is an individual who:

  • Supports specific project work under the direct supervision of a Save the Children staff member
  • Is able to commit a minimum of 12 hours a week; but may work up to 40 hours for a period of 10 weeks or longer
  • Offers services freely, without promise, expectation or receipt of compensation
  • Possesses the knowledge and skills needed to do the work

Who are our skilled volunteers at Save the Children?

Skilled volunteers include:

  • Individuals seeking new experiences to learn and make a difference
  • Individuals wanting to re-enter the workforce and sharpen their skills as well as further their professional experience
  • Individuals who would like to gain experience in the non-profit sector
  • Retirees ready to contribute their skills to making a difference, but seeking the flexibility volunteering offers